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There are no words for the loss of a child

The Aims

The aims of Forever Butterfly are:

  • To aid the relief of mental distress of persons in need by reason of bereavement, in particular creating momentos in rememberance of their loved one

  • To establish and maintain a memorial garden including a memorial wall where people can remember children who have died, particularly through miscarriage, still-birth and neonatal death

  • To provide, free of charge, Recognition of Life certificates for children born prior to 24 weeks and not recognised by law

  • To advance such charitable purposes (according to the law of England and Wales) as the trustees see fit from time to time; in particular, but not limited to the relief of mental stress relating to the loss of a child through miscarriage, still-birth and neonatal death


History of Forever Butterfly

Forever Butterfly started with just one person who wanted to give a little something back after being helped herself after firstky her son was stillborn and then her daughter died shortly after birth. 

The project gathered momentum and that has brought it not only to where it is now but with the potential to grow.

My name is Sam and I started Forever Butterfly in October 2015; just 2 weeks after my daughter Amelia Lauren passed away on the 26th September. I first experienced the heartache of not taking my baby home when my son Mark Lewis was still born on the 28th December 2014, I didn't in my worst nightmare think it would happen again. However, what made my grief a little bit easier to deal with was the little things thata variety of charities had given me. Oscars Wish Foundation is one that immediatly comes to mind.

Butterflies have become a symbol for me, and it's all because of a lady called Paddi who is an artist and very kindly offered to draw Mark so that I could have a picture on my desk at work, and because I loved it so much, when sadly it became necessary, I had pictures drawn of Amelia Lauren as well.


Understanding a Charitable Trust

Our Charity is a Charitable Trust rather than your traditional Charity and therefore does not have a charity number. Below is the difference and rules we have to apply to in order to be a lawful Charitable Trust.

A Trust is likely to be appropriate where the charity will not have membership and is unlikely to employ a signaticant number of staff or carry on any kind of business. 

Every charitable trust must have a trust need that has been executed. The Charities signed trust deed is available on request. Below is a summary of our trust deed without the signatures.

The Forever Butterfly Charitable Trust signed the declaration of trust on the 1st day of February 2016 by Samantha Cairns, Alison Tolson and Bradley Reid. The first trustees held the sum of £1 on the trusts declared in the deed and they expect that more money or assests will be acquired by them on the same trusts.


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